Dog Walking

Home Boarding 

Planning a business trip or holiday?  Dog Tails and Trails provides home from home boarding services individually tailored to suit your pet.  We will ensure that your pets are very well taken care of whilst you are away and will happily provide both email and Facebook photo updates to ensure that you enjoy your time away from home with the knowledge that they too are having a great time.

We know you love your dog and want the best for them.  Sometimes hectic schedules, heavy workloads, travel or personal health can make it really difficult to find the time and / or energy to fit in that important daily walk with your dog.  Dog Tails and Trails would love to take care of this for you!  

Dogs are active and social creatures by nature and, like us, benefit from getting out for some fresh air and exercise.  Active dogs tend to be happier and well adjusted; a regular exercise program helps burn nervous energy and reduces boredom making them less likely to destroy that favourite pair of shoes or furniture.

Dog Tails and Trails can work with you to establish a regular dog walking schedule providing the opportunity for your dog to channel their energy in a very positive way.

Your pet is family .....

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